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"Live Every Day To The Fullest"

LBof Jackson, TN is known for her witty verses and timely catch phrases. Formally of the group Da Yungin$ she has had success with their first single Da Weekend by having it air on 106 & park, MTV jams, and Music choice. Also doing collaborations with the group Travis porter for a follow up “Yung Money”. In 2011 LB, which stands for Lil Bit, with her motto, “Live everyday to the fullest” set out to show the world her solo skills. With songs like “I’ll take your spot”, and, “I can make you famous” LB shows her lyrical skills, confidence and strength.

But before LB could take anyone’s spot she had to fight for her own spot in life. Behind that gentle smile and tiny frame is a young lady that has had to endure physical pain all her life by going through two heart surgeries and spending countless hours and days in the hospital. Taking over ten pills a day to stay alive you can see why her new single is called, “Ill take your spot”. Her goals are to leave her mark on hip hop like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah, speak to children that are sick and in need of encouragement, and open an organization to help children with heart problems. Staying focused LB refuses to give up its not in her heart to. Living every day to the fullest, Hip Hop look out cause LB will take your spot.